League of LinkedIners
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You may get more info about the upcoming events on LinkedIn.com/in/AliShams254 or contact us through: fb.com/LeagueOfLinkedIners

In the world where things are mostly being done virtually and digitally, we need a real-life platform to:
-Expand our professional network from different industries.
-Get to know others' experiences and learn from them.
-Share our own stories with others
and more.

That's where League of LinkedIners come in. League of LinkedIners is a community of professionals from various industries, age group, positions, and areas of expertise who gather monthly and network.

Each session usually consists of 2 parts;
**i) A short sharing session by a speaker over an interesting topic.
**ii) A networking session that's open to floor to network and enjoy a quality time.

*Meal is provided.

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